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Nipple Pink Dual Cream

Direction to Use:


Day time:

1. Apply few day cream on your nipple.

You can put on underwear immediately without waiting to absorb.

2. It can help you gently and progressively reduce the nipple darkness.


Night time:

1. Apply few night cream on your nipple after shower.

2. Wait for 30 seconds to see the charming pink shows on your nipple.

3. The charming pink keep continuously brighten and you may put on your pajama without worry.

MustBeauty Nipple Pink Dual Cream plus+

Brighten effect day cream + Pink creative night cream 

Must Beauty Nipple Pink Dual Cream SIMPLE to HELP AREOLA DESALINATION


Dual cream for day & night whitening lasting for 24hrs.

Ultra gentle Patent Liposome technology covered in effective brightening formula.

TAIWAN FDA approval use tranexamic acid, vitamin C & sakura extract B.

After two weeks of use, reduce skin dullness by 10%.

Night cream with natural sakura color both for nipple & lips.

A purchase can provide five parts of the body to use, high cost performance satisfaction.