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MustUp 美胸活膚霜 Volufiline ™ plus+ (Bella Cream)

Direction to Use:

1.Apply small amount of Breast Cream twice a day for morning and after shower , and spread over the chest but avoid the nipples.

2.You will feel warming for a while because of effection from the great Volufiline™ and Kigeline fruit extracts.

3.Please massage and press on certain acupuncture points by our special tips for best results.

Must Up Breast Enhance Cream Volufiline™ plus+


●Super medical enchancement patent Volufiline™ ,Clinical test proved enlarge 81c.c. fat of breast in 6 months.
●Clinical test for KIGELINE :improvement of 50% bust firmness,55% cutaneous firmness and 70% cutaneous elasticity in 3 weeks .
●Extracts from green papaya. Highly increases estrogenic hormone and upgrades your breasts.
●Contains special formula like pueraria mirifica. Your breasts will become much plumper and shapely immediately.
●Apply with massage on acupuncture points to help BellaCream deeper reach breat and abosrbed. Looking busty is possible for every woman.
●Enjoy yourself with wonderful flowery fruity scent!

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